Cross-border B2B enterprises to break through the three difficulties
Exports are one of the troika of China's economy, but in recent years, major environmental changes have given China's exports a big fight. First of all, the US President Donald Trump has advocated anti-global trade and other concepts since he took office. In the external environment, the export situation this year is not good either.
At the same time, the cost of the entire Chinese personnel is also improving, the cost advantage of Chinese manufacturing has been gradually gone. For example, many shenzhen factories have begun to transfer to Huizhou, and some huizhou factories are also beginning to Vietnam, Cambodia transformation, the essence of the transfer of these factories in practice is the transfer of capital.
In addition to the changes in the overall environment, smes also face three difficulties in THE B2B category.
Recently, at the 2017 China (Longgang) Cross-border E-commerce Industry Summit, Wang Qiang, deputy general manager of South China Region of Alibaba's International Business Division, stopped the in-depth analysis of the new trend of cross-border B2B, and pointed out that there are three difficulties for cross-border B2B enterprises to carry out.
The first is the difficulty of getting orders. As cross-border trade becomes more and more platform and internet-based, information becomes more and more transparent and prices become more and more transparent. Therefore, every customer and every enterprise will have higher and higher cost to find buyers.
Second, financing is difficult. Many Banks for small and medium-sized enterprises is not open, or some Banks open to small and medium-sized enterprises financing channel list of capital will be very high, at the same time, the industry of small and medium-sized enterprise financing is not very sensitive, because many foreign buyers to use credit card to the buying and selling form, or sell on credit way of buying and selling, but many Banks based on the qualifications of the small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the background, will not let the small and medium-sized enterprises of by credit card or sell on credit, and credit card and credit will lose a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) is very high quality buyers.
Third, it is difficult to circulate. Because the whole trade chain is very long, in this chain there are many opaque central, at the same time the whole foreign trade follow-up service and the whole foreign trade settlement process is also very long.