Coloured glaze Museum of Art began welcoming
Lasted nearly three years to build, the Shanghai Art Museum of coloured glaze yesterday in the recent opening of the Taikang Road, on the 25th. According to reports, this only coloured glaze Museum of Art in Shanghai, Zhang Yi, Yang founded the design, covering an area of 2400 square meters, two on the third floor is the main coloured glaze galleries, first floor open space brings together the restaurant, creative gift shops, bookstores and so on.
Synchronous opening of the opening of the museum exhibition on display for 23 years, Yang carefully created nearly 60 coloured glaze works of art, including only three global "modern woman" statues and the largest coloured glaze Buddha statues "A Thousand hand one thousand thousands of Compassion and Wisdom ", in addition there are known as the world coloured glaze parent French artist EmileGallè and other more than 10 international coloured glaze Masters of Arts as well as nearly a hundred pieces of ancient Chinese coloured glaze treasures.