Chinese Liuli talks to French glass
Yang huishan and zhang yi, pioneers of modern colored glaze art in China and founders of colored glaze workshop, join hands with Antoine le pierrier, a French national glass master, to open a joint exhibition of contemporary colored glaze art at the guan museum in tourre, capital of ander-loire province, on April 20. The exhibition focuses on nearly 20 large and medium works by Yang huishan and zhang yi, which are full of Oriental cultural colors, as well as representative works of Antoine le pierier over the years.
Yang huishan combined the language characteristics of glass art with her personal life experience, allowing glass art to interpret an Oriental, life and metaphysical philosophy. In this exhibition "a Chinese glaze flower" series of works, "together with the spring breeze dance calm", is the same work collected by the national art museum of China.
Zhang yi's "a touch of red" series of works take glass casting as the medium, and integrate traditional Chinese painting techniques to show the level of ink and wash in the landscape of the song dynasty, so as to let the poetry and painting flow, and let the aesthetic taste of the song dynasty flow in the vocabulary of colored glaze. Using Chinese color, philosophy and poetry, life experience, condensed into the most chaotic and the most pure a touch of red.
Antoine le pierrier is not only a national treasure of France, but also a scion of France's century-old family of wax removal techniques. He was awarded the title of art master by the French ministry of culture, and is one of the most famous contemporary glass artists in France. Many symbols related to history, figures, art and time emerge or are engraved in the works of Antoine le pierrier, showing his reflection on the nature of life and his concern for human beings. The colors of his works flow not on the surface of the glass, but in the transparent space inside the glass. Abstract, spectacular and gorgeous colors, together with casual white space, create a deep and wide space with a sense of rhythm and a sense of beauty of light.
Yang huishan and zhang yi connect traditional culture and modern creation mode with coloured glaze art, allowing the philosophy and aesthetics that really belong to the east to re-enter the vision of contemporary western art. For more than 30 years, they have continuously used colored glass as the material to spread the beauty of Chinese culture and promote culture to "go global". Through this exhibition, Yang huishan and zhang yi hope to promote art exchanges between the east and the west and become a bridge and bond for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. They hope that this dialogue between the pioneers of contemporary colored glaze art will tell Chinese stories based on Chinese colored glaze art and build a beautiful bridge for cultural exchanges between the east and the west.