Chinese art into the consumption of heating upscale community arts tour
With the gradual expansion of HNWIs , China affluent consumer attitudes are gradually changed, and as works of art and other luxury goods has gradually entered the consumer era.
August 24 , the Shanghai Securities News · China Securities Network host , Beijing Jia Yi German-American Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. organized the " Chinese contemporary art tour -2013 ' Arts & home' ( Shanghai Station ) " Big Star River in Minhang Hotel opening . The exhibition will show works of art blend elegance , appreciation and creation of interactive activities such as family . In appreciation of fine art at the same time , the audience can also participate in pottery, watercolor interactive creation, and have the opportunity to participate artists , custom family portraits and other live interactive art activities , at close range , while the beauty of art perception , so that families have a participation in the arts the creation of precious memories.
Art is the trend for home decoration
All along, the art is considered to be one of the best way to carry the wealth , but where is the value of art ? German-American CEO of Dong Yi Jia Yi believes that , compared with the general material goods , works of art as a spiritual product, its value is often added value through scarcity and spirit manifested . "Although the artwork is also in consumer attitude into life, but compared to the general consumer goods , works of art carries a more spiritual value ." She believes that art became wealthy families in China today an integral part of the assets already trend.
Artworks related to the value and scarcity , and the art collection is the core of the scarcity of investment . "The artist 's work is limited and can not be repeated ."
In recent years, higher prices due to some famous original , high-end art reproductions as a low-end market to meet consumer demand gradually developed. During the " Art Home" exhibition, the reporter saw contemporary masters Wang Yidong , Cui Ruzhuo other masters worth millions , ten million yuan to several thousand mostly reproductions of paintings , sell a few million .
"Art into the home decor, is the trend , including easel painting , sculpture, crafts furnishings and other works of art in the West , including the middle class has become the mainstream of home decor , while in China , the market is just emerging ." Dong Yi told reporters that the price of a few hundred thousand dollars masterpiece reproductions , based on low- price high-end crowd into one of the best ways . Such as the Star River in upscale communities , with hundreds of thousands of household items , compared with more spiritual art bearer , but also have a broader value-added space .
In this exhibition , the painter 's family portraits on-site customized event attracted people's attention. Realistic portraits in Western culture has a long history . Family portraits are often a spiritual heritage important carrier. Focus on return on investment compared to buying behavior artwork , personalized portraits customization creation, collectors pay more attention to the spirit of enjoyment and family heritage.