China's light industry arts and crafts industry top ten enterprises
The top ten enterprises in China's light industrial arts and crafts industry in 2018 have a great influence in the industry.
From January to December 2018, its industrial output value accounted for 1.52% of the industrial output value of the arts and crafts industry.
Top 10 evaluation results of arts and crafts industry
Enterprise name score
Beijing gongmei group co., LTD
Nanjing gold leaf group co., LTD
Yangzhou arts & crafts group co., LTD
Hunan xiangxiu city group co., LTD
Fujian sanfu classical furniture co., LTD
Zhangzhou hua jade industry co., LTD
Fujian jiamei group co., LTD
Zhangzhou guohui industry and trade co., LTD
Beijing huajiang cultural development co., LTD
Zhejiang dongyang wood carving group co., LTD
Liuyang dahu fireworks display group co., LTD
Beijing gold lacquer Mosaic co., LTD
Qinghai yijia ethnic clothing co., LTD
Xining baoguang gold and silver jewelry industrial corporation
Xining novelty culture art co., LTD.