China today Liuli industry development
Current Liuli fashion as in Taiwan, and Xing in Shanghai. Lien Chan and James Soong visited the mainland in 2005 are presented the Liuli works for the ordinary people understand; 2006 six-nation summit, Hu Jintao's wife gave the the Liuli crafts of other heads of state of his wife is, for three consecutive years 2008 to 2010 Boao Asia Forum in theory, the Forum Secretariat to give participants the presidential guests the "Golden Age and beauty", "Ox", "return of the King" Liuli crafts, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion VIP lounge permanent art collections there are some Liuli figure of the art, even more Liuli the honor and glory. Liuli enterprises in China to open up the the Liuli gift of a temporary new market the Liuli Kobo and Grand Grand Crystal, then the birth of one thousand jade Liuli artisan Yabei, and other professional Liuli manufacturers, their heritage Liuli techniques. to expand the gift market, the Liuli unique expressive and rich cultural connotations and design ideas fusion, to create a the Liuli gift a new market segment with choice.