Boshan ceramic liuli Arts Center collections of art treasures
Shandong Xinhua Channel June 20th power (Zhou Guangying) "This is Boshan ceramic Liuli integrate cultural resources, Shandong Ceramics by former workplace redesign, renovation, upgrading and construction of high-end ceramic Liuli crafts development platform. "This is Boshan evaluation committee secretary Xu Bing Boshan ceramic Liuli Art Center.
Boshan ceramic Liuli Art Center in September 2013 officially opened its doors and is open free to the public. Tao treasure hall inside the Grand Art everyone's classic, opened less than a year, has attracted numerous tourists and professionals visiting browsing.
It is understood that the arts center of the whole construction area of ​​6,000 square meters, planning and construction for the Ceramics Museum, Liuli art museum, art gallery three sections, namely the national exhibition of fine ceramics, Liuli crystal quality and painting, photography and other art, while the establishment of the studio master, master of arts and crafts pottery invite artists from all over Okinawa stationed to carry out artistic exchanges and cultural creativity. In addition to the establishment of Ceramics Museum, Liuli glass museums and art galleries and exhibition sulfur and thousands of pieces of pottery art, but also the establishment of the studio master, brought Coloured glaze and ceramic arts and crafts masters across the country, to carry out year-round cultural and creative and artistic exchanges . Boshan is a famous ceramic city, township Liuli, the Boshan culture has a long history Okinawa pottery, ceramics and Liuli crystal, respectively, over 5000 years and 3000 years of production history. Both in the domestic production of ceramics, but also the production of colored glaze, only the Boshan.
In recent years, Boshan ceramics industry continues to consolidate and develop at the same time, strive to become bigger and stronger Liuli craft industry, the region Liuli industry annual sales revenue exceeded 40 billion yuan, Boshan has become the largest production base of colored glaze products sold to more than 100 countries and regions. According to Tourism Bureau Li Shugui Boshan introduced Boshan ceramic crystal creative arts center set research and development, quality display, creative performances, cultural exchange as a whole, will further promote the culture of Okinawa pottery Boshan promote heritage, promote sulfur Boshan ceramic industry enhance growth, while driving Boshan travel faster and better development. Tourism not only to lay ceramic Boshan sulfur cultural, ecological culture, it should also take filial piety culture, red culture, food culture and religious culture into which the implant tourist cultural construction projects, so that tourism has a more powerful vitality and attractiveness.