Ancient Liuli collection has just begun
Contemporary glass art began to flourish at the same time, the ancient Liuli collection is also constantly evolving. China the Liuli Network founder and animal husbandry is the famous circle Liuli appreciation, collectors and collections of the ancient domestic Liuli he summarized as: just started, in the ascendant.
Animal husbandry, explained that the reason that has just started, because the field of jade, precious metals and other categories compared to the domestic ancient Liuli or a relatively small minority of the collection. Circulation market specialized ancient the Liuli special, rare and often associated with other antiques, miscellaneous film; the country specializing in the study of ancient Liuli collectors and identification division is not. Instead, Japan, the United States and China Taiwan and other places, more in-depth research on ancient Chinese Liuli and systems, has published monographs and discussed. The ascendant is the art and market value has not been fully explored and broad development prospects.
Ancient the Liuli had two major peak period
Animal husbandry, I have engaged in the ancient Liuli collection time is not long. After the year 2005, to build China Liuli consider more contemporary Liuli. Until after the site on-line, one after another collectors to consult the collection of ancient Liuli situation, animal husbandry, began a systematic study and collection of ancient Liuli. As painting professionals already have a comprehensive understanding of the origin of ancient arts and crafts, animal husbandry, soon became the circle of expert-level figures.
And animal husbandry, said in ancient Liuli collection, we must first clarify the ancient definition of the Liuli the different. Liuli said today, refers to man-made lead crystal glass; In ancient China, initially there is no glass call, Liuli refers to the glass. Until the Song Dynasty, there came the glass Li called. To the Ming and Qing, a generic term for a class of objects, and distinguish the Liuli watt (lead glazed ceramics), glass was gradually replaced Liuli only Liuli plant, glass factory, the distinction.
In China the Liuli's long history in the Western Zhou Dynasty relics unearthed have been the original glass tube beads. To the Warring States Period to Han Dynasty, craftsmen tended to stabilize the furnace temperature control, Liuli quality is guaranteed. In the plastic arts, adhering to the social climate at that time, strict the Liuli production of this period, dignified and generous. And animal husbandry, from a technical and artistic point of view, which are Chinese Liuli the first peak period.
Unfortunately that, Liuli in China is not indispensable daily necessities, the traditional the Liuli manufacturing process is gradually lost in the long history. Until the Qing Dynasty, the court glassware manufactured by Western blowing process, the formation of the ancient Chinese the Liuli the second peak. Characteristics of a strong court, Liuli products of this period the popular favorite of collectors. Together with its save large to Liuli auction categories.
Prices have soared still undervalued
Stir-fried with antiques and art market in recent years, relatively unpopular Liuli prices have soared. Animal husbandry, said that after 2004 years ago in the Warring States Period, Folk received a dragonfly eye Liuli beads only need a few thousand dollars, a good friend but also ten thousand yuan; to this day, the dragonfly eye prices have risen to hundreds of thousands, even millions million. Two years ago, Christie's, Hong Kong, there have been Liuli special auction sale prices generally higher than the estimated price of three to five times, to prove that the Liuli the value of the collection is gradually recognized by collectors.