2019 Beijing intangible cultural heritage folk handicrafts trade fair
Collectables - autograph on the inheritance of traditional culture, to show collectables - autograph technology "as the theme, the 14th Chinese culture creative industry expo 2019 will be held in" collectables - autograph arts and crafts exhibition, "expected 600 exhibitors, show around collectables - autograph of the masters of art and more than hundred collectables - autograph, attracted 100000 visitors expected audiences and collectables - autograph lovers to visit, to build collectables - autograph industry culture to carry forward the ideal of trade, marketing and communication platform, promote the healthy and orderly development of collectables - autograph art market.
Autumn October, cool breeze send cool. On October 24, 2019, Beijing art fair fair grand opening. Many celebrities gathered together to wish the opening ceremony of Beijing art fair. At that time, teachers from the Chinese calligraphy and painting circles will present a feast of art for the guests. Wenbo art exhibition expresses the beautiful vision of China's efforts to expand the scale of cultural art collection in the industry and actively promote the healthy development of regional cultural art market.
Exhibits range
Arts and crafts comprehensive exhibition area
Main display arts and crafts master, traditional arts and crafts production, management, management of institutions, enterprises and association of arts and crafts boutique, and intangible cultural heritage related products, mainly including sculpture, jade, brocade, embroidery, printing and dyeing, knitting, weaving, lacquerware, metal, painting and pottery and porcelain, purple sand content such as arts and crafts.
Exhibition area of ceramics and modern handicrafts
It mainly displays jingdezhen ceramics, chaozhou ceramics, yixing purple pottery and other national fine ceramics. Artistic porcelain, porcelain panel painting, porcelain carving, porcelain modeling, high-grade daily porcelain, ceramic modeling, purple sand pot, purple sand flower pot, purple sand sculpture, purple sand handicraft and craft painting, indoor and outdoor installation art, photography, metal, resin, coloured glaze, crystal, glass, alloy handicraft, fiber art.
Folk handicraft exhibition area
Artificial flowers, artificial plants, craft vase, lantern, kite, round fan, inside painting, paper cutting, paper carving, New Year picture, batik, thangka, shadow play, costume props, color tie, lacquer ware, bronze carving, pottery and clay sculpture, etc.
Jewelry and jade culture exhibition area
The main display gold and silver jewelry, pearls, agate, coral, jade and other crafts.
Embroidery and weaving handicraft exhibition area
It mainly displays China's four great bright embroidery, various kinds of simulated embroidery, drawnwork, cloth carving, cloth art, brocade, printing and dyeing, knitting, weaving and weaving blanket; Hand embroidery, computer embroidery, drawnwork embroidery, fiber art, tapestry, tapestry, bamboo weaving, straw weaving, rattan weaving crafts, etc.
Mahogany art exhibition area
It mainly displays precious wood furniture, sculptures and ornaments, aloes wood household articles, etc.
Taiwan cultural and creative exhibition area
It mainly displays the unique creative products, fashion design products and modern handicraft products in Taiwan.
Sculpture handicraft exhibition area
It mainly displays handicrafts carved from wood, stone, brick, bamboo, ivory, animal bones and other materials, as well as small or decorative handicrafts molded from clay, oil clay, glutinous rice flour and other materials.
Creative market exhibition area
In order to cater to the social hot spots and enhance the popularity of the exhibition, a new creative fair will be set up this year, which will mainly display original artists and designers' innovative and patented cultural and creative products.
Group exhibition areas of various provinces and cities
It mainly displays the representative fine arts and crafts, folk arts and creative design products of various provinces and cities.
Contemporary art exhibition area
Contemporary art works, the exhibited works include the fine works of contemporary art represented by well-known galleries at home and abroad, displaying the fine arts of various art categories and factions at home and abroad, including Chinese and foreign oil painting, Chinese painting, contemporary youth art, calligraphy, watercolor, printmaking and sculpture, etc
Exhibition area of antiquities museum
Museums and museum-related exhibition and decoration, cultural relics reproduction and printing, antiques, miscellaneous antiques, calligraphy and painting, the four treasures of the study, ancient books, etc
Intangible cultural heritage exhibition area
Exhibition of traditional skills of intangible cultural heritage, exhibition of famous works of world non-hereditary inheritors, folk art skills, hand-made porcelain skills, embroidery, sculpture and weaving, and overseas intangible cultural heritage
The cost
Standard decoration booth: 3 meters x3 meters =9 square meters, RMB 12,000.00
Indoor booth: RMB 1,200.00 / m2
The minimum rent of the booth is 36 square meters. The exhibitor can contact the exhibition decoration agency directly to pay for the special decoration design, arrangement and arrangement of the booth.
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