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Fish spring
Fish spring
Product Name: Fish spring
Code: VAG0313
Size: 90×90×180mm
Auspicious fish - carp 
Carp is one of China's major freshwater fish, has 2400 years of farming history. Carp has a river carp, river carp, carp pool of points, the Yellow River carp most expensive, was selected as one of the emperors of fish dishes. Li's "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the first place as the carp fish have therapeutic efficacy. Chinese medicine believes carp sweet flat, diuretic swelling, tocolysis through milk, detoxification, cough under the gas. It is suitable for roasting, frying, deep-fried slide, soups, puree system and other methods of cooking. Wenzhou people since ancient times as the carp is auspicious objects, a symbol of harvest, the children pass the examination if, say this is "carp leaping" the. Before the twentieth century, Wenzhou City, Ryan area, "Township", men and women engaged "delivery date", are sent to a pair of carp, which means auspicious, more than, many descendants. After the reforms, improve the living conditions of Wenzhou, most important feast of choice for seafood, carp dishes gradually became low-income families. If the burn is actually carp good taste is still good, and cheap.