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Fish and water’s affection
Product Name: Fish and water’s affection
Code: VAG0292
Size: 180×140×290mm
Goldfish and carp belong to the same species , in science with the same scientific name (Carassius auratus).
Goldfish originated in China , also known as the "golden carp " approximate carp (Cyprinus carpio) , but no mouth to be, evolved from fish made ​​of ornamental fish. Many goldfish varieties, colors are red, orange , purple, blue , ink , silver, streaky , etc., into the text species, grass , dragon species, four kinds of eggs . Genetic studies in the 12th century home of the goldfish has started , after a long cultivation, varieties constantly optimize , goldfish around the world are now directly or indirectly, by the introduction of China .
In the history of human civilization , China has been accompanied goldfish ten centuries of human life , is the world's oldest breed ornamental fish history . Goldfish easy to keep it singular figure , colorful , graceful form. Fish can beautify the environment , popular people's favorite , is unique to China ornamental fish .
In generations goldfish breeders efforts, China is still the world the goldfish between static and dynamic interpretation of the legendary beauty . Goldfish in our country folk , there is another argument, in some places every New Year , when every family bought two goldfish for the order Feast next year , every year more than .