Wealth Pixie
Wealth Pixie
Product name:  Wealth Pixie
Code number:  VAG0476
Size: 128×60×110MM
What is the real feng shui? Since ancient times, Chinese people are so faith feng shui, why do so many people diligently to learn, dream? Why do so many people hate the opposition, want to get rid? It should first understand what is feng shui, what is feng shui, feng shui in the end what is the meaning. Chinese ancients called geomancy feng shui, also known as geography, we might even make them read together: Feng Shui geography. We also wish to be explained: Humphreys (observation day), geography ('s Survey), wind (air space), water (hydrology and water quality), land (topographic and geological) management (research and analysis theory). On Earth, accounted for the largest volume of the substance of what is the wind, water, and land. The most basic human survival substance is what is the wind (air), water, earth (land). Please say feng shui at the time not to "ground" forgotten. In addition to objects on Earth came from the substance, almost all substances carried by the feng shui of the three breeds included in the course, including humans. Visible the ancient people called feng shui is that all substances refers to Earth, Feng Shui is the study of human survival and development of microscopic substances (air, water and soil) and the macro environment (earth) doctrine. According to the perception of the ancients, in addition to land and water on the land, the rest is space, space is only the wind. The ancients believed that wind and space and are linked in one day, said in feng shui wind, both air and also on behalf of space, but also includes day. The term was first feng shui for Fuxi era, according to their research record taeho Fuxi simple diagram, reasoning that the Earth had a period of wind and water. "Easy Sutra" reads: "Research said: a fog, two feng shui, three landscapes, four mounds of water, five Ze water, ground water, six, seven less water, eight water shortages, nine water." Referred to here feng shui feng shui should be the original meaning.