Wealth Kylin
Wealth Kylin
Product name:  Wealth Kylin
Code number:  VAG0228
Size: 380×180×240mm
Unicorn, "Qi Lin" also referred to as "Lin" is recorded in an animal in the Chinese classics, and a phoenix, turtle, dragon known as the "four spirits", the mount of God, ancient unicorn as Ren beastThe, Ruishou. Male, said Qi, female, said Lin, Ming Dynasty, Zheng He's voyages to bring a giraffe, but also for the generation refers to the giraffe (still is) in Japan. Commonly used to describe an outstanding person.

Kirin is the ancient Chinese legend Jixiang Ren beast, Qi is male and Lin is female. Kirin unique shape, there are four characteristics: a leader, deer body, oxtail, chestnut, head of a corner and there is meat. Demeanor is very vivid, is auspicious treasure. It weighs ceremony and trustworthy. It has two meanings: one for the auspicious auspicious; two of mercy auspicious.