NanJing Kirin
NanJing Kirin
Product name: NanJing Kirin
Code number:  VAG0353
Size: 115×60×95mm
1, but the legendary mythical unicorn animal, probably does not exist in real life;
2, Kirin dragon in position after the beasts. Ancient Chinese legend unicorn and dragon, phoenix, tortoise combined into four spirits, is the king of animal hair;
3, Kirin for ordinary people, but the animal has ever been. People have "unicorn sons," saying of Confucius is rumored unicorn to send;
4, Kirin is generated Jupiter spread, so the main good fortune, is one of the most famous auspicious. Kirin containing Renhuai meaning in ancient Chinese culture, the rise and fall of the emperor Kirin many legends;
5, unicorn and phoenix, as there are male and female, Qi is male and Lin is female moose body, oxtail, scales, foot of cloven-hoofed (but some have five toes unicorn is said) head of a corner, corner side of meat;
6, Kirin as a mascot, the ancient Chinese dynasties affairs of state are also often used. History contained in the Weiyang Palace built in the Han Dynasty Kylin, illustrations, hero image, awards, and a table to clear the world of its loving heart; 7, Kirin is also much in the official court dress was adopted. Qing Dynasty, an official products of the complement sub emblem decorated unicorn, showing its position after the dragon, Qing Dynasty royal qualify only Peigua dragon logo, Emperor Huang, Zi, prince, princes, Baylor, Kaiko pattern for the Dragon;
8, Kirin perhaps giraffe? Ming Dynasty, Zheng He returned home, back to Africa giraffe, when the Ming Dynasty had not seen that this was produced only in the savannah large animals, that it is a unicorn! So only friends unicorn above is a giraffe say! "Unicorn" is the word meaning in Japan is a giraffe.