Kylin bring Lucky
Kylin bring Lucky
Product name:  Kylin bring Lucky
Code number:  VAG0426
Size: 270×130×230mm
1: The ancient legend of an animal. Looks like a deer head horn, the body has scales, tail like oxtail. 2: The analogy to an outstanding person. 3: also known as "Qi Lin", referred to as "Lin" for the four spirits of the first, Lin Feng dragon turtle. After due praise feudal emperor dragon and phoenix, unicorn been pushed to the private sector. Become a unique folk auspicious representatives. Kirin Chinese traditional folk culture is culture. Hope unicorn sons, is one of ancient China's fertility worship. In ancient China the dragon unicorn child. Looking forward to be born "unicorn children." "Liner" is a folk auspicious and good expectations. Those lucky enough to get the official Chinese history named "Lin states," the Chinese place, ancient inevitable that yes, has produced a nation Yan Huang, China's imperial hero level land. 4 multi-purpose network game while the species as a game character. There namesake Browser: Kirin secure browser.