Product name:  kylin
Code number:  VAG0029
Size: 140×60×95mm

Liuli features

1, a lengthy production process: from conception, design, sculpture, firing, fine repair, polished to complete the work, subject to forty-seven exquisite cumbersome manual processes to complete.

2, Handmade: workers must master the sophisticated technology can only operate, each process has its own variation of uncertain factors, and in the process required after repeated experiments, works without a similar color, making extremely difficult.

3, a model of a product: a mold can only burn a work, not secondary use, many large and complex works even need to open mold, fired to complete. Low success rate, so that work can be more valuable treasure.

4, high temperature firing: the selection of raw materials to a high temperature above 1400 ℃ melting into a variety of colored crystal glass, and after several selection After washing, the proportion of work materials placed in the mold, and set up a strict, cooling curve, temperature must be controlled at 1000 ℃ ± 5 ℃ or less. Firing process up to 15 days or more, the crystal materials, accurate to every minute detail. Be sure that Kit Kat works fine, three-dimensional, real, flow lines flowing and clear.