Double Toad Collect Treasure
Double Toad Collect Treasure
Product name:  Double Toad Collect Treasure
Code number:  VAG0378
Size: 160×80×120mm
Classification of Liuli
Class A ancient Liuli, using "Liuli stone" join "Liuli mother" baked. Liuli Stone Class B Taiwan Liuli, glass art evolved from the West. Origins of Ancient Egypt "Feiang Si" technology. "Chinese Ancient Liuli research" The results show that: "Feiang Si" in silica Ratio 92% -99%, and China's Zhou Dynasty Liuli significant differences. However, due to both the shape approximation, it was called Western Liuli. Class C water Liuli, now common generic Liuli, unsaturated resin material, which is characterized by light weight, no Liuli knock the sound of the stone, and falling easily pale, cloudy, no collectible value, but the price is odd low.