Attract Wealth Pixiu
Attract Wealth Pixiu
Product name: Attract Wealth Pixiu
Code number:  VAG0336
Size: 155×85×255mm
Kirin's image can still be seen. The most famous image of China's existing Kirin Kirin Mausoleum in Nanjing Southern, Southern Mausoleum guarding a variety of auspicious animal, but by Kirin image evolved in Nanjing Zhongshan door, there is a sculpture, were evil, this image is also Nanjing symbol drawn from outside the Southern Nanjing Xiao Liang Diling. This sculptural ornamentation ornate, the body tends to Liger image, carved with stone, about 3 meters tall, the sculpture chest curved waist, mesh anger mouth pieces, short and wide neck, head for the sky and shouts like, animal body ornamentation highly decorative taste, strong sense of its body, and the thick, in the overall sense of importance, based on more attention to exaggeration and distortion, it is sublime and angry.
10, Kirin its profound cultural connotations in Chinese traditional folk liturgy is made to give young children a variety of accessories to wear. There blessing and Anyou intention. As famous "Dream of Red Mansions," a book of the thirty-first back and xxxii back at great length to write "because of the first white unicorn volts binary", where the unicorn amulet is not only The Figure also hinted her marriage to a keepsake. Another Huangmei "female consort", a pair of Jade Kirin also represents the witness of love. Heroine and hero hampered by the decision of her parents, the hostess hero of a bus at Kirin, vowed to "life and death the same heart, LEISURE testify separate one pair Jade Kirin, Kirin only intersect at you, this only unicorn left in the body, Kirin pairs of people in pairs, two divergent views Tiandiburong. " Wait until the two sides broke stonewalling, lovers get married, "Kirin pairs of people in pairs, Bingdi WanNianHong flowers", rejoicing night parties unicorn finally paired.