Attract Wealth Bixie
Attract Wealth Bixie
Product name:  Attract Wealth Bixie
Code number:  VAG0245
Size: 230×80×190mm
1 Since ancient times, the courtroom unicorn are decorated to the vibration with official authority, but also the powerful symbol. Worries and difficulties can, get rid of the demons, the town house to avoid evil, urge financial promotion. Kirin is ideal for people who work stable placement, particularly suitable for use in government agencies, public security, public administrative organs to use. When placed Stagecoach reminder official party is the strongest reminder of your promotion items; 2 In feng shui, the role of Kirin and prosperous future generations. There are ancient Chinese folk "unicorn SongZi" story: that Confucius's mother married a long time with no children, pray in the mountains Niqiu divination, to find heaven unicorn and vomiting in stone, subsequently Kong mother sitting on the stone, would have to be pregnant twins. Therefore, people eager to survive Takako, often placed on the balcony one pair unicorn, hoping to get Liner early. 3. The town house Lucky: Kirin is auspicious representatives hold it at home, there is a town house from evil spirits, adding to the home auspicious role, not only made a successful career homeowners, consequential fortunes will improve. In addition, Kirin also for the owner Dangqu shipped Mei Qi stagnation. Generally used to transport unicorn is best after the opening, and its strength in order to play vividly. 4. Defuse three ghosts, three truly belongs at the fleeting but came in different directions, each year we are bound to encounter. Solution three evil must use three unicorn, on the family home three evil position, and the head would like three evil side. 5 of straight evil, such as the front door to see straight into the gallery, made a mandrel evil, can one pair of Kirin block, if the "evil spirits" weak, such as the corridor is not too long, can be used to ward off evil unicorn one pair, But if the evil spirits strong, long, straight corridor, then it shall be three unicorn to ward off evil. Kirin also be one pair together with a convex mirror gossip being placed on the evil side to melt the ghost. 6. Defuse evil white tiger, white tiger in the home position, put one pair of unicorn, white tiger parties can resolve the fierce resistance, so that the people who live within the premises safe, especially outside of the chimney or white tiger square and sharp objects hitting punch, to put it more has been the opening of the unicorn. 7. defuse the elevator stairs evil, now home in high-rise buildings in constant increase, so choose housing need to pay attention to good lift position, if in their own homes right hand side there is an elevator, then it is easy to commit evil , and if the elevator just in the West, then it must promptly resolve, defuse Methods: In this position you can put one pair of unicorn.