Shakyamuni Buddha
Shakyamuni Buddha
Product Name: Shakyamuni Buddha
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Sakyamuni Buddha (Sanskrit name S / a ^ kya-muni, Bally name Sakya-muni), which means a saint born in the Shakya clan. Also: Buddha Vinny, extravagant night Muni Buddha, Sakyamuni Nang, Man Shakya. Abbreviation Shakya, Muni, Vinny. Also translated as: Buddhist, may be able, to silence, Jimo, to full degree Waugh coke, or the Vatican and the Chinese translation, called the Buddha silence. Also known as: Sakyamuni Buddha, Shakyamuni. That Buddhist ancestors. Reason of its title, the Buddha found in our collection on view through various different channels volume products, there is the Ministry of Vinaya Miscellaneous twenty volumes, Tan Ah adjoin thirty eight bullock degrees on volume and so on.
Buddha Kapilavastu North Indian city (Vatican Kapila-vastu) Suddhodana (Sanskrit S / uddhodana) of the Prince. The city in southern Nepal today Tiro Rick (Tilori-Kot) near the River (Rapti) northeast.二 ○ land area of ​​about three square where, as Kosala (Vatican Kosala ^) of the vassal. When North India to implement its aristocratic republic, divided into ten small city-states where, as a leader, the leader of the Republic of Suddhodana that time elected by the ten most powerful city of Santo. Mother Mrs. Maya (Sanskrit Ma ^ ya ^) for the neighboring city of residence Lee family day arm (Vatican Devadaha) master's daughter. Mrs. Maya Before childbirth, according to the custom arm back to the city to be produced maiden day, on the way in Lumbini (Sanskrit Lumbini ^) rest, being carefree tree (Vatican as / oka) next birth, that is the Buddha. According to the practice of the drop from the body via the volume containing products, when the Buddha was born, seven-step line, made a show of hands (junior · 4631 under): 'Tenjho, only my respect; Realms Jieku, when the safety of my . 'Also in the Agama Juanba never been the law, when the S & P Paper For Yao was born thirty-Swiss product, different from the Buddha through the past, present causal by Volume I, Volume III by Emperor Chung Hsu Maha Buddha We set the birth of goods by Juanba tree with the Ministry of Vinaya Miscellaneous twenty volumes, large volume adjoin Posha seventies classic, and also contains a variety of Swiss birth of the Buddha's relative.