Net Vase Guanyin
Net Vase Guanyin
Product Name: Net Vase Guanyin Statue
Code: X068a
Size: 15*13.5*27cm
Net Vase Guanyin statue put at home what position?

Answer for reference

* Form is not very important what position are clean and bright place on the line
Support is dependent intentions
Forms do better if your parents do not respect teachers can not with people
Goddess of Mercy will not bless this person

* Now for many families like the Bodhisattva, to pray for a happy family, population and peace, but also a lot of Guanyin placing taboos, such as Guanyin please come home, not open before the use of red light cloth to prevent evil spirits invade when no spiritual power inside the statue. There Guanyin bogey and put together the class of Kwan Tai. Because the Goddess of Mercy is a vegetarian avoid killing, and the other to correct a late, a lot of people think it should be placed Guanyin ride northward This argument is wrong, Guanyin is best placed to sit west to east, west Buddhist because of net, is bliss land! Must not be to the door, toilet, kitchen. So the landlord facing bedroom and certainly bad because soldiers bedroom non net, is also dedicated to tea, water, and fruits of the finest ....