Net bottle Kwan yin
Net bottle Kwan yin
Name: Net bottle Kwan yin
Code: X067
Size: 16.5*13.5*30cm
Jingping Guanyin, "also known as" Willow Guanyin "because Buddha hands Jingping is inserted willows. Whichever supple willow, is a symbol of the Goddess of Mercy Mercy revered, meaning beings, called "King Kong angry, Buddha Goddess." Jingping, in "Highlights of Buddhism," said: "Jingping Sanskrit army late this cloud bottles, often storage, portable to wash their hands." And willow leaves, in India called the tooth wood, commonly used to brush your teeth with the table clean. In China, Buddhist and often read Guanyin Compassion, seek medical treatment or sprinkle clean water curse dojo, so please Buddha also used "Yoji water." Six Sui and Tang Buddhist about the prevalence of the world, the Goddess of Mercy has been a household name.
Thirty-three legendary incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin willow is one of them.
It is said that one day, the Goddess of Mercy heard folk Plains region is very bad, the people ignorant, greedy Olivetti. Bodhisattva of compassion who decided to go to the degree of fools.
Goddess of Mercy came riding clouds too much room Mountain Plains region. That night, her tomb to the local people, said to be the Goddess of Mercy tomorrow to go through here, enchant a nice ring to rescue the suffering people.
The next day, the local people have talked about the dream made last night, we actually found is the same as a dream. So, hopefully the crowd waiting for the arrival of the Goddess of Mercy. Every people see a stranger, have stepped forward to ask, to see whether it is the incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy. But let you down, no one is the Goddess of Mercy. Originally, the Goddess of Mercy turned into a poor old woman begging, no one noticed her.