Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha
Product Name: Lotus flower censer
Code: X099a
Size: 19*18.5*30.5cm
Bottom Size: 24*21.5*17.2cm
Medicine Buddha, Sanskrit Bhaişajya guru vaidūrya prabhārāja, but also for pharmacists Tathagata, pharmacists glass light Tathagata, Namo glass light Tathagata world, big medicine Wang, Wang Shanshi doctors, twelve O king. Oriental net guru glass in the world. According to the "pharmacists glass light Tathagata by virtue of the willing" contained, sun and moon Bianzhao Bianzhao Buddha Buddha of Medicine Buddha with two big threats with disabilities. Sunlight Moonlight Bodhisattva and Buddha is immeasurable with the countless Bodhisattvas's first, in order to fill the Buddha position, noted pharmacists can hold the Tathagata Dharma treasures. Medicine Buddha face charitable, dignified deportment, body blue, UFA meat bun, Chuijian ears, wearing a Buddhist clothing, topless exposed right arm, right knee executive Holiness Terminalia fruiting, before holding his left umbilical Buddha bowl, feet Jiafu in central lotus throne. Behind a halo, clouds, mountains and other scenes.