Product Name: Mammon
Code: X120
Size: 6x3.5x10.5cm
Other Key Word: the God of wealth
Folk beliefs : God of Wealth is a Chinese head of popular worship the gods of wealth .
Variety of Fortuna ( 18 ) Wealth is Taoist god vulgar , popular among many different versions of the argument , is regarded as a positive monthly Zhaogong Fortuna Fortuna , Lee sly ancestors, Bi Gan , Fan Li , Liu Wen is regarded as Fortuna , Guan Zhong Kui and was regarded as the god of wealth to bless the town house . Day and month Chun Shen Qing Emperor Fortuna Zhaogong collectively referred to as " Chun Fu ," Sun and Moon God Second New Year often posted on the door .
Xing Jun Li sly ancestral wealth by Fu Xiang Gong , also known as MAN Fortuna , Fortuna by Fu , Fu Shan Ping Shi male.