Maitreya Buddha
Maitreya Buddha
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Maitreya Buddha Introduction
Maitreya , also called Maitreya Buddha , the future Buddha , Tibetan called " Jampa ." " Maitreya " is a transliteration of Pali Metteyya short , chasing its roots began in Sanskrit Maitreya, the new emperor called Mi Li, Mei low pears, fans Di Li, Mei Li DA , DA per mile, Li Mei DA drugs, ignorant DA [ mouth * Lu ] trolling . Buddha 's name also. Translated said Cheshire . Name Ayi Duo , translated , saying incompetent win. Kuiji in the " Amitabha Sutra " and explained: . " . Or words of Maitreya , the remark Cheshire repair by him and more compassion, and more into the Ci fixed , it made Cheshire ,most wins , wins were incompetent " or words A Yi mostly surname, Maitreya name. Born in South Tianzhu Brahmin family , and Sakyamuni Buddha is contemporaries. Later, with the Buddha monk , became disciples of the Buddha , his first entry into off before Shakya off for a lifetime fill of the Buddha, was born in Tusita days of school. After karma when ripe , swells from the human Tusita Temple , Shao Buddha Sakyamuni Tathagata 's position, then, corrupt world ( ie the world in which we live ) Yan Fu winged head end of the city , the king 's name Qu , Maitreya born in this city will be asked a man named Minister repair Fanmo home birth , a monk , a road, saying his experience as Gautama Buddha. Hua Hua Lin Yuanlong tree into enlightenment to three degree would say limitless beings . Early last of Maitreya , the value of Samadhi Buddha and the cultivation of compassion , it is called Cheshire . Even the Buddha , Utah State is also the name ( so although nominally called " Maitreya ", in fact it was still a bodhisattva ) .

Detailed analysis
Sanskrit Maitreya Maitreya is a common Brahmin surname, derived from the Sanskrit root Maitrī, meaning love . Tang Xuanzang to India in school , to see the original Sanskrit , so translated Mei Da Eliya . But before Xuanzang, after the early Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period scriptures home, get to see the Buddhist scriptures is removed from the Western Regions , Metrak Tocharian , so translated Maitreya .

Maitreya civil universally embraced . Back in West Qinling ( 4-5 century ) period, there Maitreya Buddha Grottoes in Gansu Binglingsi drawing . Early Maitreya is based on the " Maitreya on students through " and " Maitreya by " drawing , sculpture . Buddha and the Buddha image has two categories . According to " Maitreya on students through " shaping the image of Maitreya Buddha phase , the performance of the Maitreya Temple of Ascension Doushuai heavens saying the image. Characterized as Maitreya Buddha dressed in dress , sitting legs crossed , after sagging to the left foot , right leg buckling , his right hand supporting the cheek , called "semi Organisation thinking like" This is the Maitreya Buddha in the swells of the day waiting Tusita scenario . Yungang Grottoes Cave XIII has a statue of the Northern Wei Dynasty Buddha seated cross- leg , like 13 meters high, early caves Maitreya .

Houqin release Seng Zhao " Note Weimojiejing " : . " Maitreya Buddha even said sub- word surname also Nandina domestica Baltic door .. ."
Maitreya Tour Italy ( SUI Kichizo essays ) reads: " Ayi Duo " and " Maitreya " in the ancient Indian Sanskrit Jieyun " Arrow Maitreya " also.
Law sparse second is: . " Maitreya , this cloud is also past values ​​Cheshire vow name Maitreya Buddha is also a fairy after all Zhiguang , Maitreya Xi for all values ​​of Cheshire Zhiguang fairy compassion Samadhi Buddha , Gu Yue Chee too . .