Maha vairocana Buddha
Maha vairocana Buddha
Product Name: Maha vairocana Buddha
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Size: 10x10x16cm
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Liuli Buddha Statue
Dainichi be translated according to Fine Vairocana , " Tathagata " that is "Buddha " means.
Big day, if the name appears in the seventh century AD Subhakarasimha Sanzo translated " great day " ( "Big Vairocana Buddha blessing by God becomes " ) in . "Big Day" is all dark Bianzhao universe addition , all the world can benefit raising creatures, great day light was not born immortal. Religious Studies noun, in tantra is dense in some archaic words East dense books such as " Yuan Heng release book" "Tripitaka " describes the result of karma have teeth marks on both sides of the tongue , drowsiness, fatigue believe this is because the ancient past life sinful body Zheng Jia will appear , gall stones , gas tumor. Ancient believe Atisha says : The Repentance of sin ways to break silence Tim "Izumo saddle it, smell bamboo, feather heart" of the three charges deed , considered in addition to hard , seeking fortune. Described as one of the East secret law , in Taiwan, Hong Kong , Singapore, Japan as well as Tantric practice this custom . Meaning " Big Day" is better than the sun. Moke is " big" , " Vairocana " is a light all meaning ; also translated a large light all over , also known as Bianzhao Tathagata. Bianzhao big day, if all things in the world are without any hindrance body of law , public morality successful , all of the light of wisdom Bianzhao , no day or night , all the world with the ruthless world of sentient beings , can receive grace , start initiation Buddha's heart , was incredible achievement. " Great day Sutra " reads: " Tathagata Dharma daylight Bianzhao , can also develop good roots beings , and even into the world of business by the Office ."
Its name has Sanyi , namely: ( a ) In addition to the dark times Mingyi , that Tathagata wisdom sunlight at all times , as large lighting, there is no inside and outside , day and night of difference. (B ) Public Works to do justice, that Tathagata daylight Bianzhao Dharma , the equal development of all living immeasurable good roots , and even achievements world, a world all kinds of auspicious career. (C ) light no birth and death righteousness, that the date of the Buddha's heart , although the overlying barrier is ignorance , and nothing less ; exactly like reality Samadhi Yuanming law , and nothing added . So the reason to unite , the day the world was non- figurative , but whichever is the smaller share similarities, it is to be 'big ' word [ 2 ] .
Great day to be bright as a symbol of intellect , who can protect the wearer worship You , to bring you a bright intellect , Chuyao evil, heaven and earth pass allows you to Reiki , take the essence of all things, courage, bright happy.
In Huayan , big day, if the leader of the lotus Avatamsaka also contains Shifangzhufo display Dharma physiognomy of its own beyond the Dhammakaya Buddha. Dharmalaksana Sakyamuni Buddha as a self-nature itself . Tendai this as Gautama the Buddha .