Kwan yin Statue
Kwan yin Statue
Product Name: Net bottle Kwan yin
Code: X067a
Size: 16.5*13.5*30cm

Legend of  Net bottle Guanyin

Guanyin is we know, then right Jingping Guanyin understand it? Here flying with you into the world of Guanyin Jingping, we take a look at the legend of Jingping Guanyin it. One year, Shanhaiguan along the drought. Scorching sun, the earth cracked, yellow seedlings. Bodhisattva wander far, Seeing Daihatsu compassion, desire to save Lebanon Bohai cast down rain water depth, inexhaustible, just to save people, but the days of the high road, what the water filled round?Guanyin is screenwriters occasion, I think, not far from here, there is a kiln. Produced a vase, vase filled with water then why not? Goddess of Mercy came to the door of a potter, lightly pressed Chapman. The door was a girl named Rainbow. Rainbow recognize Guanyin, kneel on prayer, request Guanyin rescue people. Guanyin said: I'm coming for that matter, put your home Jun porcelain vase lend me one to use. Rainbow rushed back to the house to come up with a fine chinaware Aquarius handed the Goddess of Mercy.
Avalokitesvara came over Bohai Sea, treasure bottle down, mouth silent chanting language, suddenly the sea crest, dragon-like a jet of water straight up, got into Aquarius mouth. Vase full of water to be pumped, Guanyin returned, armed with Aquarius begin cloth rain. Aquarius where every drop of water out of the instantaneous turned into a downpour, fell from the sky. Awhile, dry land where seedlings children will straighten the spine, yellow leaves also become a vibrant green. Local people excitedly spread the news, overturned Bese Guanyin down manna. Avalokitesvara see rain already under foot, still smiling in front of her came to Rainbow Aquarius, rainbow and people sense in the Buddha's merit, insisted Aquarius give it to the Goddess of Mercy. Guanyin see Lebanon's sincere, he happily took it.
Aquarius hand dripping Guanyin's image stamped in the minds of the rainbow. She gave as Guanyin bottle like that, they fired a lot of porcelain, and take the name of Guanyin bottle. Later, she also used ninety-nine days time, carefully dripping plastic of a Guanyin statue, firing into chinaware. Curiously, this statue of Guanyin statue just left the kiln, in the hands of Aquarius began to drip, drop by drop, a steady stream.