Joss Statue
Joss Statue
Product Name: Kuan Yin Heart Sutra
Code: X115
Size: 20x22x37cm
Kuan Yin Heart Sutra edit Maha Prajna Paramita (Kuan Yin Heart Sutra) explain, "Maha Prajna Paramita," the "Heart Sutra" of fifty-four hundred and sixty-seven words. Maha as large as void; Prajna wisdom that Spirit; Polo is to reach the other side (destination); secret that is a very, chou heart; mostly methodologies, thousands, ten thousand there, everything, ten Fang Sanshi, everything Buddha, God; heart that is the great spirit, the essence of human life, the life energy of a light timbre body; warp that is path, the path channel. Called the "great spirit will return to the way the universe" or "great wisdom return to the heart of the way the universe." Art Work "Goddess of Mercy Heart Sutra" with the image of the way to give people on the "Goddess of Mercy Heart Sutra" intuitive perception.