Ingot Maitreya Buddha
Ingot Maitreya Buddha
Product Name: Ingot Maitreya Buddha
Code: X143
Size: 10.5x7x12.5cm
Sakyamuni Buddha is the fourth Xianjie earthly Buddha sentient beings , and Maitreya Buddha, in simple words , this is a Buddha 's successor , Xianjie fifth Buddha , the future Buddha in Nirvana , after after a long time , the world was born . ( Of course, this is just easy to say , what to say it would be too long-winded , and generally know the line ) Why is it called the Laughing Buddha , this speak up very long. Not with an image of the Buddha beings , Buddha is possible to lay the image of the Buddha image, the image of the emperor , the line Buddhist sentient beings ( Whenever I read these words when I thought it was a deep real Diamond Sutra no comments have Buddha , I suggest you take a look on the Diamond Sutra , read 100 times, you will have a new understanding of the world ) so Maitreya , he is now showing a paunch , laughingly image illustrates what . Tatu , on behalf of energy content, Tatu , on behalf of Ani , Tatu , representatives do not move . Laughing, on behalf of shame , laughing , on behalf of joy. It boils down to what Maitreya to express what kind of ideas yet. I think it represents a gain in Changle dwells in the realm of thought does not move .