Drop water Kwan yin
Drop water Kwan yin
Product Name: Drop water Kwan yin
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Size: 9x8.5x21cm

Dripping Guanyin legend:

Someone once said, "Westerners do not know Jesus is not the Westerners, Chinese people do not know the Chinese Goddess of Mercy is not seen Guanyin position in the hearts of the Chinese people in the Chinese people, the Goddess of Mercy is the most faithful, most worshiped deities of Buddhism Guanyin's image there are many, there has ever been Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy lying lotus, Water Moon Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy in white, Thousand Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin leader, is said to have thirty-three kinds much. dripping Guanyin just an image of them.
Kid, you've heard from a lot of old people there Goddess Guanyin legend. These years have been to many places, everywhere Goddess Guanyin statues are mostly the kind of face plump, shapely, delicate skin, hands brazing clever, body decorated wreaths, waist brocade skirt, bow smile, natural and intimate form image. Guanyin of America is not an ordinary beauty, is the kind of bland, just right of the United States. Kind can show the inner world of beauty, the kind who can evoke the beauty of America. Great exhibit essence of traditional Chinese women. Every time I see Guanyin Goddess statues, from the heart will have a kind of intimacy. However, in my mind, still holding the dripping Guanyin Jingping beautiful.
      Legend has it that year, the Clan (now YuZhouShi) along the drought. Scorching sun, the earth cracked, yellow seedlings. One day, mercy mercy Bodhisattva riding clouds wandering into this and see a scene, kindness big hair, soaking rain to cast down rain fate, save Yang Di Limin people.
Kannon think: "East Sea water depth, inexhaustible, why not use it one day, but the high road, water filled with something over it??" Thought here, Avalokitesvara leaned down and saw the city Clan Gu Jun station at the northeast corner of smoke, fires raging, is a kiln. I heard here produced a treasure porcelain, porcelain with treasure filled with water is not very good?
Goddess of Mercy came to the door of a potter, tapping Chapman, the door was a girl named Rainbow. Rainbow recognize is the Goddess of Mercy, kneel on prayer, requesting the Goddess of Mercy Yang Di Limin fast rescue people. Goddess of Mercy, said: "I am come this thing, get up right to your home Jun porcelain vase lend me.." Rainbow one, very happy, rushed back to the house to come up with a fine chinaware Aquarius and Aquarius put this one to say give it the Goddess of Mercy. Avalokitesvara see her sincere, they happily took it.
Avalokitesvara came over the East China Sea, the treasure bottle down, murmuring, saw a surge of water straight up, drilling Aquarius mouth. Avalokitesvara strike with Aquarius suck water, return to Clan over, put down the start line Baopingkou rain. Aquarius where every drop of water dripping out, it turned into a downpour, Aquarius Lane kept dripping rain kept underground. Ground crops drink enough water, the seedlings children stiffly up long, becoming green. Clan City of common people spread the news, thank the Goddess of Mercy down rain. Rainbow see real, handheld Aquarius dripping Guanyin image engraved in her mind. Avalokitesvara see rain already under foot, put away Aquarius, drove clouds elsewhere Purdue beings go.
This is the story of Avalokitesvara sprinkled nectar, is legendary dripping Guanyin Goddess. She brought rain to earth, she kind of rain nourishing mother earth.