key:    Censer
Product Name: Lotus flower censer
Code: X091
Size: 10.8*10.8*7.5cm
Censer, is "Incense" essential appliances, but also Chinese folk religion, ritual activities essential for tools. Use ancient incense contains Boshan furnace, Shou Lu, Hong fighting, lying furnace tube, such as different shapes of incense censer, and smoked the ball, incense holder, incense plates, incense boxes, incense holder, incense shovel, spoon incense, incense cones and sachets and other ancillary equipment, materials used include copper, ceramics, gold and silver, bamboo, a enamel and jade. Its use is also a variety, or smoked clothing or furnishings ﹑ ﹑ or worship Buddha. Common square or round, square censer generally have four-legged shape; circular censer, has three feet, one foot in front, two feet placed in the post.