Buddha III
Buddha III
Product Name: Buddha III
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III Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism is the main object of reverence, commonly known as "Sambo Buddha." According to Indian philosophy, time and space are confused, so Buddhas into space calculation "horizontal Buddhas" and to the calculation of time "vertical Buddhas."
Cross Buddhas (aka tripartite Buddhism): refers to the central Sakyamuni Buddha, Oriental Medicine Buddha (the other is the East A Chu said the Buddha, also known as "fixed Buddha"), Western Amitabha.
Oriental Medicine Buddha
The net charge of the East glass world, he has two retinues, sunlight and moonlight shines shines Buddha Buddha, known as the East Sam Shing. Medicine Buddha prayer in general, the main purpose is to pray for earthly happiness. Medicine Buddha misfortunes can bless the world, life extension, treat illness, many of the old man, the patient will be Sunday Medicine Buddha, in order to health and longevity.
Central Sakyamuni Buddha
For Central corrupt world, he has two retinues, "wisdom" Manjushri and "accusing him of" Samantabhadra, known as Sam Kegon; he is the world's enlightenment, was the founder of Buddhism. His revered Tibetan Buddhist Dhammakaya is a big day Tathagata.
Western Amitabha
Director of the Western Paradise, he has two retinues, "brave" other Bodhisattvas and "Mercy" Bodhisattva, known as the Western Trinity. General prayers to Buddha, the main purpose is to pray for the death of relief. Chinese Buddhism believes Amitabha mainly for its desire, extradition beings to bliss, from the cycle of suffering, hence number "escorts Buddha", but also because this Buddha has immeasurable life and light, also known as "BUDDHA" "immeasurable Light Buddha." In Tibetan Buddhism, he was known as the Buddha ink Pakistan month, but also a symbol of longevity.
Buddhism allegation that the same cross Buddhas Buddha, just to Rescued beings, but of a different incarnation now. "Tathagata Origin": "What is said Amitabha Amitayus, spraying the Amitayus, that's what life extension pharmacist Amitabha Tathagata said infinite light, infinite light Vairocana is also the same body synonyms refresher Buddhas, are.?. as of now also skillful beings
Longitudinal Buddhas editor
Longitudinal Buddhas (aka Buddha III): refers to the past Buddhas Enlightening Buddha, now the Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha, the future Buddha Maitreya.
Enlightening Buddha
Enlightening Buddha (also known as "fixed light Buddha", "ingot Light Buddha", etc.) in the past have been robbed of solemn Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha before the Buddha, Sakyamuni had in the past predict the future of the world will become a Buddha , was awarded the division of Sakyamuni Buddha mind. Many Buddhas, Bodhisattvas have is Enlightening Buddhist disciples.
Sakyamuni Buddha
Now the Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha Xianjie fourth, with retinues Manjushri, Samantabhadra Buddha Ji degrees corrupt world to all sentient beings.
Maitreya Buddha
Future Buddha Maitreya Buddha is Xianjie fifth Buddha, Maitreya era before the advent of yet, still in the hospital for Tusita Buddha.
According to Mahayana Buddhism say, everyone can become a Buddha, Buddhas will Franciscan sentient beings, beyond reincarnation and Buddha.