Amitabha Statue
Amitabha Statue
Product Name: Amitabha Buddha
Code: X198
Size: 13.5x11.5x7cm
Chinese Buddhism Stored in Uji , Kyoto, Japan Byodoin Amitabha Tathagata statue ( 15 ) Amitabha , there are two names :
Buddha of Infinite Light , Sanskrit amitābha, word formation is amita-ābha ( bright )
Amitayus , Sanskrit amitāyus, word formation is amita-āyus ( Life )
amita intended for the uncountable , meaning Scripture Promise , endless , immeasurable .
Amitabha not come from the Sanskrit , is Amitabha Amitabha woman yeah or simplified Yu Adams .
There are also simplified as Amida Buddha (mita-budda), Amitabha (amita), Amitabha (mita).
However, the simplified Chinese language , but in Sanskrit is another intention.
Amitabha , amita immeasurable ; Amitabha Buddha amita buddha means immeasurable .
Amitabha , mita scalability ; Amitabha Buddha mita buddha, intended to be the amount of the Buddha.
Ah , Sanskrit a, Table denied.