Product Name: Amitabha
Code: X198a
Size: 13.5x11.5x7cm

Amitabha ( Sanskrit Amitābha), also known as immeasurable Buddha, Buddha of Infinite Light , Amitayus and so on. Mahayana carrier , Amitabha old robbed in the past had a large stand ready to build the Western Pure Land , breadth boundless beings, solemn immeasurable achievements merit, Mahayana Buddhism is widely revered and promoted. Mahayana sutras mainly as " Manuscripts ", " Amitabha Sutra ", " outlook Amitayus Sutra " on the Buddha and the Western Paradise are described . Mahayana Buddhism spread of the land, such as China , Japan and other Mahayana parish , Amitabha faith is also particularly busy and important. Chinese Buddhist Jodo sect of Buddhism , the Buddha 's birth is completely in the past as specializing in the Western Pure Land Dharma .